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If you are looking for a home away from home, just walk in here. You can get both, an incredible and relaxing experience while you are on a holiday. Take a closer look into the rooms we offer and pick the one for you.
Matt Pete & Steve - Great Fishing!
Superb 21.13 lb Muskie for Phil
George's 4.7 lb Pickerel
Sal's Pickerel 6.8 lb & Brian 4.02 lb
My first fish at Lakeside Cottages
Time to relax at Lakeside Cottages.
Captain Mike at Lakeside Cottages.
Nice Muskie John!
Thanks to Mike for great fishing advice!
Best Bass Fishing at Lakeside Cottages!
Nice Fish Jacob at Lakeside Cottages!
A Superb Bass for Don!
Thank you Mike for all your help!.
Ready for the swimming competition!
Superb Fishing at Lakeside Cottages
What a view at Lakeside Cottages
Your Hosts & Friends Mike & Eileen Lakeside Cottages
Sunset wedding in paradise.
Competition Time at the Beach!
Mike, show me again how to cast the line.
Mike's famous campfire quiz night
Get ready, swimming competition time.
Prize Giving " Well done everyone"
Just one more marshmallow.
How do you like your marshmallows done?
Big Bass at Lakeside Cottages!
A Nice Muskie from Mike!
Sand contests at Lakeside Cottages
Magical Campfires at Lakeside Cottages
Filming Mike with Ron James FISHTV.
It's so much fun at Lakeside Cottages!
Next year I will be in the swimming contest!

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